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Unique, Portable, & Affordable


Easy to ride and fun for everyone

Revolutionizes how people commute

Intuitively Designed

We didn’t choose this design just to be unique.
It’s stable, portable, and practical.
Our intuitive design allows for anyone to hop on and ride.
It’s so simple!

Choose GoRide

  • Longest mile range for any board currently on the market
  • One of the most compact and portable e-boards on the market
  • Only board on the market with a unique shape and made of durable premium machined aluminum
  • Performance at an affordable price (no board with this performance is below $1K)
  • Easy to ride even for beginners, no need to use non intuitive controlling methods

The Commuting Solution

GoRide isn’t just for skaters…
It’s for the young professional looking for a new way to commute to work, the student in need of a faster way to move between classes, and the teenager that wants a fun way to get around with friends. And what’s more? No experience necessary.
Anyone can get the hang of GoRide in five minutes.
Pack It Up And Go Anywhere.
GoRide is compact, lightweight, and fits in your backpack.
You can take it virtually anywhere.
Ride With Ease.
The most common response we’ve heard? “It’s so much easier than I thought it would be”.
Conquer Commuting.
Never deal with crowded buses and late subways again.
Get to work or school vibrant and happy, not stressed and frustrated.

Using GoRide

It's as easy as 1,2,3!

1) Turn the board + remote on

2) Hop on the board

3) Cruise!

Press forward on the remote to accelerate and you’re off!

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